Gas Line/Gas Leak

At Your Service provides gas leak repairs for our customers within the Myrtle Beach area. Trusted and insured, we are able to safely repair a potentially scary issue.

There are many different warning signs when a gas leak is present within your home. If you seem to smell a funky odor, usually better described as a ‘rotten egg’ odor, that could mean that there is a sulfur leak in your house which can be extremely dangerous. In addition, if there is a hissing sound or you hear a leak, that might be caused by a gas line potentially leaking. If these issues are not resolved, it can potentially cause substantial issues for not only your home but you as well. 

AYS staff members are specially trained in Gas Leak Repairs ensuring our customers that they are receiving the most reliable and quality work around. We provide a 24 hour emergency service that allows customers to reach us at any point in the day if they do feel that a gas leak is present within their home.

If you need to contact our 24 hour emergency service please call (843) 325-0135.

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