Well Pumps: 

At Your Service is able to install and repair well pumps, sewage pumps, and flood pumps. It is important to make sure that a household that runs on well water, receives water into their house. A lack of water can result in the inability to use everyday items including washing machines, dishwashers, showers, ect. This can cause stress on our customers that can be fixed by AYS.

Water pumps are responsible for getting used water from washer machines, dishwasher, showers, and sinks, out of a house. Without this pump, water would not be able to exit the home. In addition, a blockage or break to the pumps engine can result in major amounts of pressure to build up within the pump causing it to become ‘strained’ which eventually leads to it burning out. It is common to hear a constant hissing or clicking noise when this type of situation happens. If you hear this noise frequently, it will most likely burn out very quickly after the noise begins. At Your Service does provide a 24 hour emergency service incase your well water pump burns out in the middle of the night. 

Sump Pumps: 

Sump pumps are often located where floods usually accumulate or begin within a home. 

Living in South Carolina leaves homeowners susceptible to many different natural disasters including frequent hurricanes or storms during certain times of the year. When hurricane season is in full swing, it is extremely important to make sure your flood pump is ready to go incase of an emergency. We are able to repair sump pumps making sure that your house will be ready in case of an emergency. 

A sump pump can also be important to have incase of a water leakage or pipe burst within a house. Because a sump pump is usually located in the basement or first floors of a home so,  if a pipe bursts and your home becomes flooded, a sump pump can assist with removing excess water. 

At Your Service is locally owned and ran and we fully understand the importance of having a sump pump incase of a natural disaster. Feel free to schedule an appointment with our expert technicians to make sure that you are prepared for hurricane season or for any potential flooding within your home. 

If you’re in need of service to either your Well or Sump pumps Contact Us today!

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